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Build instructions to compile AOSP for Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact device. The Xperia XZ1 compact is based on the yoshino platform and also known as lilac.

development environment

system requirements

| component | minimum     |
| --------- | ----------- |
| OS        | 64bit/linux |
| HDD       | 250GB       |
| RAM/Swap  | 16GB        |

setup the toolchain

lxc-create -n aosp -t download -- -d ubuntu -r bionic -a amd64
lxc-start -n aosp
lxc-attach -n aosp --clear-env -- /bin/su -l root

install dependencies

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk bison g++-multilib git gperf libxml2-utils make zlib1g-dev:i386 zip liblz4-tool libncurses5 libssl-dev bc flex curl python gnupg2 rsync git build-essential repo

prepare aosp tree

git config --global user.name "aosp"
git config --global user.email "[email protected]"

mkdir aosp; cd aosp
repo init repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b android-11.0.0_r18
cd .repo
git clone -b android-11.0.0_r18 https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/local_manifests
repo sync -d -q -c -j8


customize the builds

git clone https://github.com/esno/xperia-xz1-compact.git vendor/xperia-xz1-compact
source build/envsetup.sh


build aosp

The right combos for lilac are aosp_g8441-userdebug and aosp_g8441-eng

$ lunch aosp_g8441-userdebug
$ make -j$(nproc)

build vendor kernel from source

prepare toolchain

# gcc
git clone -b android-11.0.0_r18 https://android.googlesource.com/platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/aarch64/aarch64-linux-android-4.9 ~/aosp-gcc-aarch64
git clone -b android-11.0.0_r18 https://android.googlesource.com/platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9 ~/aosp-gcc-arm

# clang
wget https://android.googlesource.com/platform/prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86/+archive/refs/tags/android-11.0.0_r18/clang-r370808.tar.gz
mkdir ~/aosp-clang
tar xzf clang-r370808.tar.gt -C ~/aosp-clang

compile kernel

export PATH="~/aosp-gcc-aarch64/bin:~/aosp-gcc-arm/bin:~/aosp-clang/bin:${PATH}"

git clone -b aosp/LA.UM.7.1.r1 https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel.git ~/kernel-sony
cd ~/kernel-sony

make ARCH=arm64 SUBARCH=arm64 \
  CC=clang CLANG_TRIPLE=aarch64-linux-gnu \
  CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-android- \
  CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32=arm-linux-androideabi- \

make ARCH=arm64 SUBARCH=arm64 \
  CC=clang CLANG_TRIPLE=aarch64-linux-gnu \
  CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-android- \
  CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32=arm-linux-androideabi- \

cp arch/arm64/boot/Image.gz-dtb ~/aosp/kernel/sony/msm-4.14/common-kernel/kernel-dtb-lilac

create boot.img

$ source build/envsetup.sh && lunch
including vendor/qcom/opensource/core-utils/vendorsetup.sh

You're building on Linux

Lunch menu... pick a combo:
     1. aosp_arm-eng
     2. aosp_arm64-eng
     3. aosp_blueline_car-userdebug
     4. aosp_bonito_car-userdebug
     5. aosp_bramble-userdebug
     6. aosp_coral_car-userdebug
     7. aosp_crosshatch_car-userdebug
     8. aosp_flame_car-userdebug
     9. aosp_g8141-eng
     10. aosp_g8141-userdebug
     11. aosp_g8142-eng
     12. aosp_g8142-userdebug
     13. aosp_g8341-eng
     14. aosp_g8341-userdebug
     15. aosp_g8342-eng
     16. aosp_g8342-userdebug
     17. aosp_g8441-eng
     18. aosp_g8441-userdebug

Which would you like? [aosp_arm-eng] 17

$ make -j$(nproc) bootimage

boot kernel temporarily

$ fastboot boot <kernel> [<ramdisk> [<seconds>]]

flash OEM binaries

download zip archive from sony servers.

$ fastboot flash oem SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_<version>_yoshino.img

flash aosp

Turn off your device, hold down the volume up and connect the device to your computer. The notification light should shine blue to confirm it's in fastboot mode.

fastboot flash boot out/target/product/lilac/boot.img
fastboot flash recovery out/target/product/lilac/recovery.img
fastboot flash system out/target/product/lilac/system.img
fastboot flash vendor out/target/product/lilac/vendor.img
fastboot flash userdata out/target/product/lilac/userdata.img


$ fastboot erase cache


$ fastboot reboot