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GP2X Caanoo

The GP2X Caanoo (aka. Caanoo) is a linux based handheld video gaming console and portable media player.

SoC: MagicEyes Pollux VR3520F
CPU: ARM926EJ 533 MHz (ARMv5TEJ)
RAM: 128 MB DDR SDRAM (133 MHz)
Display: 3.5 inch LCD 320x240px (resistive touchscreen)
Battery: 1850 mAh Li-polymer
         approx. 5/6h game/video playback

You can find further information on elinux like datasheet.

Update Procedure

Prepare a sdcard with a msdos partition layout. The first partition can be either fat16 or fat32 formatted. The u-boot bootloader will probe files in the following order when you press R while booting the device.

  1. polluxb-n35
  2. uImage-n35
  3. uImageUP
  4. update.gz

If one does not exists it will be skipped. The update.gz will only be loaded when a uImageUP was loaded successfully. See u-boot 1.1.6 for details.


The source for the u-boot bootbloader 1.1.6 is available at openhandhelds.org. A git repo containing also the u-boot history until 1.1.6 is available on github.


The source for kernel 2.6.24 is available at openhandhelds.org but at least for me I had some weird character issues therefore I cleaned up the source and applied all changes to the upstream linux-stable repository on github.